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What we aren't into:
Duck/trout/MAFS lips
Golf-ball cheeks
Shining bowling-ball foreheads

What we love:
Full, defined lips that look natural on your face
Elegant facial contours
Hydrated, even skin that glows

Excellent results done safely

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Medical & Cosmetic Muscle Relaxant Injections

Help relieve symptoms of muscle spasm, bruxism, migraines, TMJ pain or hyperhydrosis. We also offer cosmetic injectables to for anti-aging & softening of wrinkles to refresh your face. We aim for a natural result where you the wrinkles are gone but there is still some natural expression.

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Look & feel fabulous

Define your natural features & revitalize your face. 


We prefer a whole-face harmonized approach for natural yet striking results. Popular treatments include:

  • Non surgical rhinoplasty (nose filler)

  • Tear trough filler for under eye hollowing

  • Jawline contouring (jaw filler)

  • Cheek Filler

  • Temple filler for temporal hollowing & anti-aging

  • Chin Filler for profile balancing & face slimming

  • Lip filler including our heart shaped lip style, subtle/natural style & russian lip

  • Forehead filler for contouring of forehead

  • Nasolabial fold softening

  • Marionette line softening

For cosmetic injectables, thread lifts, and anti-aging medicine in Brisbane.

Read about possible side effects & risks of cosmetic treatments here. Also please see our cosmetic aftercare guide.

Want to know more about us? Keep an eye out for our upcoming guide to cosmetic injectables and botox brisbane - it will be there to give some honest, upfront facts about what treatments actually work and what doesn't. Follow us on Instagram for examples of our work, skin tips, explainers and randomness - there is also the occasional special offer posted as well  


Define your natural sense of beauty


Are you looking for a way to enhance your natural beauty? Define Brisbane provides a variety of beauty treatment options for the women and men of Brisbane. We specialise in cosmetic injectables and advanced skin treatments, including anti-wrinkle fillers, dermal and lip fillers, non-surgical nose reshaping, and thread lifts.


We provide a doctor-led, evidence-based, and customer-focused service with a love-it-or-redo guarantee.


At Define Brisbane, we are dedicated to you at all times. We listen to your wishes and expectations, pay close attention to your facial harmony, and deliver beauty treatments that align with your natural sense of shape. Our treatment options are customised to your needs and delivered with complete integrity.


We offer a range of non-invasive treatment procedures, with our products and services capable of positive transformation. Our treatments are carried out by a team of dedicated healthcare professionals, and aftercare is available for your peace of mind. 


At Define Brisbane, we believe in natural expression and graceful ageing — but not before your time.


We are honest and realistic about expected outcomes, with our team consulting directly with you to find the perfect treatment option. Once we have a thorough understanding of who you are and what you're looking for, we will apply your treatment with care and precision.


At Define Brisbane, we believe in the transformative power of cosmetic beauty treatments. We want you to look and feel your very best, and our cosmetic injectables are able to make a real, tangible difference to your life. Our products and services are available at a low price, and our team is dedicated to excellent value for the entire Brisbane community.


Discover Define Brisbane today to experience a glowing sense of natural beauty.


Our popular treatments


  • Anti-wrinkle fillers


Our anti-wrinkle fillers will help you look and feel like new, with Botox the most popular example. Anti-wrinkle fillers are an effective way to reduce the signs of ageing by removing fine lines and wrinkles. They smooth out existing lines and relax muscles in the face to prevent new wrinkles from forming.


  • Dermal and lip fillers


Our dermal and lip fillers will help you glow from within. Dermal fillers are meant to fill out your skin, make your face feel more plump, and contour your natural structure. We offer lip fillers with a subtle heart-shaped appearance, tear trough fillers for under-eye hollowing, and forehead and chin fillers for profile balancing and face slimming.


  • Non-surgical nose reshaping


With non-surgical rhinoplasty, you can get the nose of your dreams without the need for an invasive procedure. Liquid rhinoplasty reshapes your nose with nose filler, and this simple and effective treatment provides great results without the risks, costs, or downtime associated with surgery. Nose reshaping is a great way to contour the shape of your nose in harmony with the rest of your face.

  • Thread lifts


A thread lift is capable of lifting and tightening loose or sagging skin. This beauty treatment stimulates the fibroblast cells in your face, allowing them to produce more natural collagen and elastin. We offer two types of thread lifts: lifting threads and volumising or smooth PDO threads. We apply safe and effective biodegradable threads made from the same material as surgical stitches.


Define Brisbane values and approach


At Define Brisbane, we offer a fresh new take on beauty treatment. We offer a variety of cosmetic injectables to Brisbane residents, with our treatments designed to refresh your skin and rejuvenate your life from the inside out. We believe in friendly honest advice, natural-looking results, and excellent value delivered by a team that really cares. 


If you're ready to discover your natural sense of beauty, please contact Define Brisbane today.


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