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 Unlimited units & areas of face for $500

or 3 areas for $340

Afterpay & ZIP accepted.

If any area lasts less than 8 weeks, we will retreat there for ✨FREE ✨ - our promise for your peace of mind.

3 areas antiwrinkle price is for up to 130 units. Additional units to any area can be added to this at $3 per unit. The above prices are for brand D by Galderma. Brand B by Allergan is $11/unit or $800 for unlimited units on the face.

antiwrinkle injections brisbane
antiwrinkle & lip filler review
antiwrinkle & lip filler review

antiwrinkle & lip filler review
antiwrinkle & lip filler review

Antiwrinkle injections to frown & forehead.

antiwrinkle brisbane


Look refreshed for less with our special on antiwrinkle injections. Now there is no reason to let a frown get you down.

Looking young should be affordable by all, so now you can get antiwrinkle injections at the best prices in Brisbane (seriously, we will beat any competitor price - just show us a photo of the competing offer).

You get a attentive service by a skilled cosmetic doctor or nurse at our boutique clinic in Newstead, Brisbane. After checking there are no medical issues with having anti-wrinkle (neuromodulator or muscle relaxant) treatment we will discuss your treatment goals. Then your cosmetic injector will assess your muscle movement patterns and suggest an antiwrinkle treatment plan to meet your goals. This will include injection sites & doses customised to you. We then mark-up the area & apply ice or numbing cream depending on how sensitive the area is. After cleaning the area, your antiwrinkle injections will be carefully & gently performed by your doctor/nurse - the antiwrinkle injections are over in minutes. Finally, you will get antiwrinkle aftercare advice to ensure you get the best results. That's it-  your treatment is done & you can get right back to your day (avoiding exercise for 24 hours though); we will see you again in about 4 months.

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Yes! You can have natural expression still. You can choose how much movement you want to have. We tailor your treatment to find that delicate balance between anti-aging & natural expression. The face does not have to be frozen to soften & prevent wrinkles. Nobody has to know you have had treatment.


You will get on of the most popular brands of antiwrinkle with this offer. Regulations do not allow us to mention drug brand names sadly. Results will start to show 2 to 6 days post treatment. Maximum results will show by 14 days. Results last from 2 to 5 months & vary according to individual & environment (like sun exposure or intense, frequent exercise).


Regulations prevent a guarantee of particular results. Everyone is unique so results will vary for each person & according to environment. If you are not 100% happy, for any reason, we will work with you to fix that.


No cookie-cutter or in-out treatments here. Your face is unique so we take our time to ensure you get the best result possible. Most antiwrinkle appointments require up to 30 minutes although sometimes longer may be required.


Treatments are performed by either Joshua (our cosmetic doctor), Nina (cosmetic RN) or Nancy (cosmetic RN). Rest assured you are in qualified, well trained & safe hands.


Antiwrinkle treatments have been extensively researched and have an excellent safety profile. Any side effects are rare & temporary. These include: swelling, bruising, infection, asymmetry & unwanted spread to neighbouring muscle groups. These events are very rare & can often be prevented with good injection technique and following aftercare advice. After treatment you will get our doctor's direct contact information for any questions or concerns. Review appointments are complimentary.


Most people tolerate treatment really well. There is a moment of discomfort at the skin surface & sometimes a sense of pressure. We use the finest needles & can offer ice or numbing cream if you like.


Yes, also cash & card.


We are at Suite 13, Freedom Suites at 1 Breakfast Creek road, Newstead. We are right next to City Cave & behind NAB. Free parking is available at Homemaker Centre or at Woolworths Gasworks for 2 hours.


Antiwrinkle Injections Brisbane


Antiwrinkle or neuromodulator treatment (muscle relaxant injections) does more than reducing lines & wrinkles. Neuromodulators (muscle relaxants) also reduce pore size, give a more even skin texture, reduce sweating & brighten skin. Dilute botulinum toxin is sometimes used as a facial treatment with dermal stamping to deliver a dramatic boost to skin quality.

Popular treatment areas are:

frown lines

forehead lines

crows feet (around eyes)

jaw slimming or contouring 

under eye crinkles

bunny scrunch

vertical lip lines 

lip flip to allow more of your lip to show

gummy smile

brow lift

mouth corners lift

nose flaring reduction

sweat reduction or hyperhidrosis treatments for face, underarms, hands or feet

migraine prevention

prevention of teeth grinding

jawline lift & tightening (the Nefertiti lift)

reduction of platysma bands & neck skin tightening

Antiwrinkle Brisbane Prices & Cost

$3.30 per unit for brand D by Galderma, most popular antiwrinkle brand in Brisbane. A single area would need a dose of 30 to 60 units.

$11 per unit for brand B by Allergan, the original & most famous neuromudulator brand. A single area would need a dose of 15 to 30 units.

$11 per unit for brand X by Merz, a german antiwrinkle brand that has the highest purity of all botulinum toxins. A single area would need a dose of 15 to 30 units. 

Come and see us for all your Antiwrinkle Brisbane treatments.

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