Image by Linas Drulia

Staying fresh just got affordable.

We all love to look & feel fresh; have that confident, natural glow.


But organising & paying for your anti-wrinkle treatments can be a hassle & EXPENSIVE!


Not any more.  We just made it easy with our injectables memberships, costing you less than your average coffee (addiction) budget.

Book in for a free consult so to discuss if this option is right for you.

Cancel Anytime

No lock-in contract. Change or cancel anytime by settling the balance.


Treatments at the right times for your face. This means better results over time.

Painless Payment

No-hassle, automatic plans. Customised to your budget.

10% Off

As a member you get 10% off all other treatments & products.

Anti-wrinkle Membership plans


1 area ............... $12 weekly

2 areas ............ $20 weekly

3 areas ............ $29 weekly

Membership plans require a $150 deposit at the first visit which will be credited back to you after 6 months. The exact amount of your anti wrinkle membership plan will vary depending on units used, brand & frequency. This will be customised to suit your goals & budget.

How it works

1. Book a free consult so we can discuss your goals & assess your muscle strength. This determines the amount of units needed & frequency of treatments.


2. We customise the treatment plan to your goal & budget.

3. We can treat you in the same session as your consult. A $150 deposit is paid. This deposit is credited to your account after 6 months. It can be used for any service.

4. Your plan is automatically paid in small weekly amounts via direct debit or credit card. We will book you in for your next treatment at this time.

5. You can change or cancel your plan at any time. If you want to reduce or cancel your plan, any outstanding balance you have used will be settled against your payment method.

6. Enjoy a 10% discount off any of our treatments as a member.