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If any area lasts less than 8 weeks, we will retreat there for ✨FREE ✨ - our promise for your peace of mind.

antiwrinkle injections brisbane
antiwrinkle & lip filler review
antiwrinkle & lip filler review

antiwrinkle & lip filler review
antiwrinkle & lip filler review

Botox injections to frown & forehead.

antiwrinkle brisbane


Gentle, natural, & safe botox treatments in our Brisbane cosmetic clinic.

You don't want to look tired, angry, stressed. And you don't want to look older than your age. You certainly don't want to look odd with a paralyzed/blank face that cannot  move properly. Fortunately we can help you achieve this balance.


We all want to look fresh faced, relevant & great for our age.  The miracle of botox (when combined with a healthy lifestyle, sun protection & skin care) means that you can have all this. By using precise dosing of botox (not referring to the brand here just any muscle relaxer) in the right spot we aim to achieve a natural look where it won't be obvious you have 'had work done'. You can have expression & still soften lines & prevent wrinkles.

If you are thinking about Botox in Brisbane have a chat to our clinicians about what options may suit you best. We are friendly, details focused & offer quality but very affordable botox treatment Brisbane.

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Can botox look natural?

Yes! You can have natural expression still. You can choose how much movement you want to have. We tailor your treatment to find that delicate balance between anti-aging & natural expression. The face does not have to be frozen to soften & prevent wrinkles. Nobody has to know you have had treatment.

What brand of botox is used?

We carry 3 botox/antiwrinkle brands. Extensive clinical trials show all brands are pretty similar with effect and duration of results. Cost is the main difference with Dysport being least expensive, Xeomin (or Bocouture) being mid priced, and Allergan's Botox being the most expensive. Some people may find that a particular brand may work better for them but this varies a lot from person to person. Generally,  the more concentrated the dose to the area, the longer it will last. There will likely be another 1 or 2 brands of botulinum toxin type A (botox) coming to Australia over the next 3 years.

Can botox results be guaranteed?

If you are getting botox the results can vary between treatments. Botox is a medication & everyone will respond differently. The same person may get a different outcome even with the same brand of botox used. Factors affecting results and  how long they last include temperature, activity levels, stress levels, immune status, current skin care routine, daily use of sunscreen, current age, dose used, exactly where the dose was injected, what dilution was used and also what brand was used.


All these variables make it impossible to guarantee a certain result and everyone getting botox will sometimes have a treatment that does not take at all, wears off early or works too well (causing a heavy brow or other side effect). We are here for you if this happens. To make it fair, easy & safe we use conservative botox doses and offer free top-up doses within 8 weeks.

How long does botox treatment take?

We schedule 20 to 30 minutes for your treatment. most of that will be spent discussing the procedure and if botox is right for you. the actual botox injections are over within 5 minutes. There is no downtime but you must be careful not to put pressure on the treated areas for at least 4 hours.

How long does botox last?

Botox injections last most people from 8 to 16 weeks with an average of 12 weeks. Up to 2 weeks is needed to see full results of your botox treatment.

Is botox treatment safe?

Antiwrinkle treatments have been extensively researched and have an excellent safety profile. Any side effects are rare & temporary. These include: swelling, bruising, infection, asymmetry & unwanted spread to neighbouring muscle groups. These events are very rare & can often be prevented with good injection technique and following aftercare advice. After treatment you will get our doctor's direct contact information for any questions or concerns. Review appointments are complimentary.

Does getting botox hurt?

Most people tolerate treatment really well. There is a moment of discomfort at the skin surface & sometimes a sense of pressure. We use the finest needles & can offer ice or numbing cream if you like.


Botox Injections Brisbane


Antiwrinkle or neuromodulator treatment (muscle relaxant injections) does more than reducing lines & wrinkles. Neuromodulators (muscle relaxants) also reduce pore size, give a more even skin texture, reduce sweating & brighten skin. Dilute botox is sometimes used as a facial treatment with dermal stamping to deliver a dramatic boost to skin quality.

Popular treatment areas are:

frown lines

forehead lines

crows feet (around eyes)

jaw slimming or contouring 

under eye crinkles

bunny scrunch

vertical lip lines 

lip flip to allow more of your lip to show

gummy smile

brow lift

mouth corners lift

nose flaring reduction

sweat reduction or hyperhidrosis treatments for face, underarms, hands or feet

migraine prevention

prevention of teeth grinding

jawline lift & tightening (the Nefertiti lift)

reduction of platysma bands & neck skin tightening

Botox Brisbane Prices & Cost

$3.30 per unit for brand D by Galderma, most popular antiwrinkle brand in Brisbane. A single area would need a dose of 30 to 60 units.

$11 per unit for brand B by Allergan, the original & most famous neuromudulator brand. A single area would need a dose of 15 to 30 units.

$11 per unit for brand X by Merz, a german antiwrinkle brand that has the highest purity of all muscle relaxants. A single area would need a dose of 15 to 30 units. 

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