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How much does Botox cost Brisbane?

Botox is priced per unit, and the cost of your botox treatment will depend on the number of units you need to achieve your goal. The price of botox in Brisbane ranges from $9 to $22 per unit. This is a huge variation in price. Unfortunately, men often need more units due to bigger & stronger facial muscles. The cost of botox treatment for a single area, such as frown lines, could cost anywhere from $180 to $500 (for very similar results), so choose your injector wisely. Botox brand of anti-wrinkle injection is usually more expensive than other brands such as Dysport & Xeomin.


How much does Dysport cost Brisbane?

The Price of Dysport in Brisbane ranges from $3 to $5 per unit. The number of units will determine the cost of your Dysport treatment. Botox and Dysport units are different (like cm versus inches). A single Botox unit is equivalent to 2.5 Dysport Units. The cost of Dysport treatment to frown lines would range from $120 to $300 depending on who you go to and how much is needed.









Is anti-wrinkle injections the same as Botox?

Yes, Botox is a brand botulinum toxin A, known in Australia as anti-wrinkle or muscle-relaxant injections. Due to the name recognition in popular culture, botox is often used to refer to all brands of antiwrinkle treatment. Other anti-wrinkle options include Dysport & Xeomin. In Australia Dysport is the most popular brand of anti-wrinkle, followed by Botox & then Xeomin, which is a newer product.


How much does botox in your forehead cost?

The forehead, or frontalis, usually needs 10 to 15 units of Botox. The cost to treat the forehead with Botox would range from $120 to $330. If Dysport was being used it would need 20 to 40 units of Dysport. Forehead is the most difficult area to treat with botox. If it is treated too strongly it can cause a heavy brow. If certain parts are undertreated it can cause a raised or ‘spocked’ eyebrow. Due to the risk of brow drooping, a lot of people need to keep some movement of their forehead muscle. This means that the effects on the forehead will wear off quicker than thicker muscles like the frown.


Where is the safest place for botox?

The safest place to get botox is in the frown lines between the brows (also known as glabella or 11s). If injected with a modern 3-point injection technique, the chance of causing a droopy eyelid is extremely rare. Botox treatment to the frown also tends to last the longest out of all the areas of the upper face.


How often do you need to get botox injections?

For best results, having botox injections every 4 months gives best results. If you have stronger muscles or are going for a more natural look, injections every 3 months may be better. For those having treatment for prevention, 6 monthly injections work best.


How long does botox last?

Botox lasts from 2 to 4 months for most people. There will be some people who may only get 6 weeks from a treatment & others who will get 6 months out a treatment. Higher does tend to produce longer lasting results but can increase the risk of side effects or unnatural expression. Treatment to thicker muscles like the frown also lasts longer than treating thinner muscles like the forehead or lip lines. Large clinical trials comparing Botox to Dysport & Xeomin found that all 3 brands last a similar amount of time.


What are the long term side effects of botox?

Frequent treatment over a long period of time with higher doses of botox can cause some of your face muscles to shrink. This is reversible and can be prevented by finding the right dose that gives natural results. Resistance to botox is also possible with heavy doses over a long time. This is rare but can mean that antiwrinkle treatment will no longer work for you.


Does having a frozen face work better for wrinkles?

No. Having your face frozen does not give any better wrinkle reduction or prevention than a natural result. It also costs more since it can use up to twice as much product as a natural result. Face-freezing doses of botox doses come with higher risk of side effects & can cause expression to look unnatural. We encourage a natural result as it looks better & has less chance of side effects.

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how much does botox cost Brisbane

When you feel your look needs a refresh and you want a more youthful appearance, while keeping things natural, visit our clinic for Botox in Brisbane. Botox injections are one of the most popular injectables and they’ve been around for decades. After a short appointment, with minimal pain, you can leave our clinic with almost instant results. Define Brisbane offers a doctor-led service at competitive pricing, so you can be sure the process is safe and of a high quality.


Botox in Brisbane that targets problem areas


Most of us have certain areas we’d like to improve and the great thing about getting Botox in Brisbane is that it can be used on a number of problem areas. Whether it’s lines on your forehead, crows’ feet or under eye wrinkles, lip lines or even a smile that shows too much gum, getting Botox in Brisbane City can be a worth trying.

Botox isn’t just used for cosmetic reasons. You can have Botox injections for a wide variety of medical reasons. Botox can help with excess sweating, migraine prevention and the reduction of teeth grinding.


Botox injections in Brisbane


There’s often a misconception that Botox injections will give you a frozen face look. If they’re done improperly, they can look unnatural, but when you go to an experienced, skilled clinic, you can get a beautiful, natural result.  Honest about what can be achieved through botox  is important, because there are a lot claims thrown around on social media.  The aim is to make you look more youthful and fresher, without looking like you’ve had work done. People are bound to notice that you look refreshed, but whether you tell them you’ve had any treatment is up to you.


Botox injections in Brisbane can often be performed on your lunch break, or whenever you have some free time — they’re minimally-invasive and there’s no downtime. Contact us if you need any help or advice on treatment options.


Botox can be an excellent way of reducing lines and wrinkles, while still giving you a natural look. If you’re thinking of getting Botox injections in Brisbane, contact us today or find out more about us on our website.