Premium Lip Filler Brisbane  

lip filler brisbane

Artistic lip contour & volume with quality dermal filler - performed with care by our skilled clinicians.

Lip filler should have nothing in common with 🦆duck bills, 🐟trout pouts or MAFS stars. Feel the confidence of defined, full lips. Quality hyaluronic acid filler is used to accentuate your lips while respecting their natural shape & anatomy.

We prefer a gentle, beautiful enhancement of shape & volume instead of just inflating lips. Our clinicians will consult with you to customise a treatment to suit your lips & face.

✨Numbing cream & dental (nerve) block available for your comfort.

💉All brands available - including premium, longest lasting dermal fillers.

⏰No rush - a full hour is allowed for consult, numbing & treatment.

🤕Minimal chance of bruising with our fine needle technique.

🗓Lasts 3-12 months depending on individual & type of lip filler selected.

😍Top-up lip filler available at 25% discount.

💎Afterpay & ZIP accepted

Available for a limited time for only $370 (best prices for lip filler in Brisbane). Book online for your lip treatment.


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