Get the nose you've always wanted - without the cost or downtime of a surgical rhinoplasty. The liquid rhinoplasty (reshaping with nose filler) is our signature treatment. 

Our non-surgical rhinoplasties (liquid nose jobs) are performed by Joshua, our cosmetic doctor who has safely carries out many each week. This procedure has a very high satisfaction rate & can be a really nice confidence boost. The results are very natural.

non surgical rhinoplasty brisbane
non surgical rhinoplasty brisbane

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non surgical rhinoplasty brisbane
non surgical rhinoplasty brisbane

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Nose filler brisbane AKA Liquid nose job (rhinoplasty)



Love your nose & feel confident about your side-profile.

Dermal filler can be used in a liquid nose-job to straighten the nose, elevate the tip or refine the nose - sometimes making it appear smaller & better defined.

This is a complex area to treat. You get a safe, artistic treatment by Joshua, our skilled cosmetic doctor at our boutique clinic in Newstead, Brisbane. We take our time to ensure you get the outcome that will make you feel amazing.

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💉 There is no mL limit for this treatment; this treatment includes 1 refinement session within the next 6 months to maximise the duration of your result - so rest assured.

See below for answers to common questions/concerns

Below: a non-surgical rhinoplasty (liquid nose job) by Joshua our cosmetic doctor.



Can you guarantee results of nose reshaping?

Every individual will have a different result based on their anatomy. It is important that you love your result - so for this treatment we offer 1 free review & refinement within 6 months.

Will non-surgical rhinoplasty look natural?

Yes! Nobody has to know you have had treatment. This procedure has minimal downtime & results look natural, never overdone.

How long does nose filler last?

We use a premium filler for all our nose cases that is strong and lasts up to 18 months. Different parts of the nose may fade quicker. This is because they carry more weight across them or move more than other parts. The tip of the nose fades fastest whereas corrections to the upper bridge of the nose generally last much longer.

Is nose filler safe? What are the risks of nose filler?

More than 99.9% of treatments have no side effects other than the expected swelling or a possible bruise. Treatment with nose filler has a higher risk of an artery being blocked & in extremely rare cases (less than 5 million to one) may lead to loss or reduction of vision in one eye.


We take great care to minimise this risk by:

  • injecting very slowly.

  • injecting in very small amounts (so that it won't flow back to the eye area).

  • using adrenaline before injecting to 'clamp down' the arteries that lead to the eye to prevent backflow of filler.

How long does a non-surgical rhinoplasty treatment take?

No cookie-cutter or in-out treatments here. The nose is a complex area that can needs extra safety precautions & care. We take our time injecting to ensure you get a safe, high quality result. It is ideal to allow an hour for this procedure.

Who performs liquid nose job treatments?

Liquid rhinoplasties are performed by Joshua, our cosmetic doctor, who has been fully trained in this more advanced area (& really loves reshaping noses). As this is one of the more complex treatments you should ensure that whoever performs your liquid rhinoplasty does them often to ensure safety.

Does a liquid rhinoplasty hurt?

This area is surprisingly comfortable compared to having lips done. We numb with an ice-pack and then apply local anaesthetic (this can sting but is very quick). After this the whole area is numb & discomfort is minimal.


Below: liquid rhinoplasty (nose filler) before & after. Side profile was straightened & nasal tip was refined to create a more petite nose.

liquid rhinoplasty brisbane

Below: non-surgical rhinoplasty (nose filler) before & after. Nasal ridge was straightened & nasal tip elevated to help the nose appear smaller.

nose filler brisbane

Below: non-surgical nose job Brisbane (nose filler) before & after. Created a more petite nose with a refined tip.